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Giving hope and dignity

Since 2003 Dignity for Children is supporting extremely poor children and street children in developing countries. We support projects of local partners and organise school sponsorships. Donations that you give arrive directly and without delay at the people who we know, who know their culture and with whom we have written agreements about the use of the money. We are personally convinced about the trustworthiness of our partner organisations.

Become sponsor for a school child for just 10 Euro a month

Ten thousands of poor children in Peru and Ethiopia cannot go to school without financial assistance. They have to live on the street or are forced to child labour. You can change this. We make it possible that you can secure the school visit of one child for only 10 Euros a month. The sponsorship donations are embedded in the school projects of the local children´s organisations HOPE FOR CHILDREN in Ethiopia and AZUL WASI in Peru. You receive a picture of the school class in which you support a child and once a year we report about the success of the education.

Become a sponsor!

Give the children a new perspective in life, a chance to take their lives into their own hands again. Through teaching, food, shelter and extracurricular activities. With only 10 Euros a month. Become a sponsor.

Membership for only 5 Euro a month

With only 5 Euro a month you can become support-member and thereby support the activities.

Currently we are working together with the child help organisations Azul Wasi in Cuzco, Peru, Hope for Children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Self-dependency for illiterate teenagers project

Independence project

Ten boys and five girls between 14 and 18, who cannot read or write and who have been suffering from child labour, can now support themselves and go to school since May 2005 through the proceeds of the concert trip "Building a bridge with music".
"Self-dependency for illiterate teenagers project "

Help us to help as many children as possible:

Are you celebrating a family reunion or birthday and want to take the opportunity of giving gifts in a useful way? Ask for a donation for Dignity for Children instead of presents. Are you a teacher and your class would like to support a poor child to go to school? Your class can together take over a sponsorship. Support Dignity for Children with a donation!